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  A Veteran's Story  

Grant Springer along with his wife Nadja have proudly served in the United States Army for 26 years. During that service I had the privilege of serving with many wonderful people in a number of different and hazardous locations/scenarios and learned something new from each and every one of them. I retired in January 2015. The military has offered my wife and I an extensive traveling experience in a combined total of over 15 countries. We have lived in Europe for 17 years, using a number of different types of transportation during our travels, ranging from air, cruise, train, and automobile. These experiences and travels offer a true perspective to our customers when planning their vacation and cruise to almost anywhere. Our travels served as both leisure and business and consisted of many different types of activities that include Skiing, beach retreats, horseback riding, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, surfing, to simply relaxing at a luxury 5 star resort all over the globe, from Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Jamaica, Caymans, Hawaii, Florida, South Africa just to name a few.

Having lived in this military environment all over the world they have gained a mutual knowledge and diversity within the soldiers and spouses perspectives to accurately identify the budgets, available time, locations, groups that travel, and interest for many different people. This is something I think most veterans don’t consider as an asset when looking for employment.  In the military we learn to be flexible and adapt to many different types of situations and that is important in the travel industry because the agent must remember it is not their vacation they are planning, it is someone else’s. There are a different set of rules in the civilian sector. Meaning in the military we always have a regulation or policy that would answer any questions we might have. When running your own business these policies and rules are you’re to make and live by. Although CruiseOne has established standards and policies we follow, it is your own implementation that will establish your new working environment.

Travel is our passion and we are here to serve as your best resource for travel while helping you realize and achieve all your travel ambitions. Please call us today for an excellent offer.

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