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About Grant & Nadja Springer

As a military professional and spouse we have teamed up to embark on an exciting experience in an industry we both have grown to love over the past 20 plus years. Grant and Nadja Springer have extensive traveling experience in a combined total of over 25 countries. They have lived in Europe for 17 years, using a number of different types of transportation during their travels, ranging from air, cruise, train, and automobile. These travels served as both leisure and business and consisted of many different types of activities that include Skiing, beach retreats, horseback riding, mountain climbing, camping, hiking, surfing, to simply relaxing at a luxury 5 star resort all over the globe, from Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Jamaica, Caymans, Hawaii, Florida, South Africa just to name a few.   

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Carnival Cruise Line Supplier Award
Celebrity Cruise Line Supplier Award
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Norweigian Cruise Line Supplier Award
Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line Supplier Award